Want to end restrictive dieting and reach nutritional freedom through balanced habits and lifestyle for good?

Gain REAL understanding about nutrition and how it fuels your inner AND outer strength. Discover what's really been holding you back from reaching your goals, and get in the best shape of your life ...without sacrificing your favorite foods, your social life or doing hours of cardio.

Hi, I'm Ophie!

I'm a certified Nutrition and Health Coach focused on helping women craft and navigate their Health Compass.
We all have one – but without understanding the four pillars that make up its components, or knowing how to use it, we can't get to our desired destinations.
You deserve to find, create and embrace the life that you truly desire.

My health and fitness journey has taught me a plethora of things, including the importance of the relationship that you have with yourself, which is something I'm determined to bring to every conversation I have with you.



There so much more to life than this rat race. Grab a cuppa', come chill with me and let's talk about ways we can manifest and create the life we desire through fitness, health and wellness.



I post daily inspiration and lots of content every week to get you motivated, on your highest possible frequency and feeling all the good vibrations. Give me a holla if you love the inspo!



The O-library was created to share with you my resources designed to help guide you through your journey. Regardless of what stage you are in, no doubt you will find some of these helpful!